Discontinued Products

Series 3000/3200/3250 Top Hung Sliding Doors

Doors suspended from ceiling with wheel fittings to the top of the door and lock in guides to the bottom and allow for full access to the entire opening. Were produced in Antique Gold, Brilliant White, Polished Brass and Toronto Brown frames with a variety of mirror and panel options. All doors were made to measure. Track no longer available, fittings for Series 3000, 3200 and 3250 are still available.

Top Hung Sliding Door Guide (189kb)


Series 2000 Bi-Fold Doors

Require much less space than conventional swing-out doors and with our offset pivot action they provide full wardrobe access and were available in Antique Gold, Brilliant White and Burnished Gold frames with Silver, Bronze or Peach mirror. Utilize a slimline top and bottom track with an all round frame on each individual panel. All doors were made to measure. Fitting packs and replacement tracks are still available, replacement panels can no longer be produced.

Bi-fold Door Guide (199kb)