Just like you, we need to clean our doors too and we also need to show them some love by looking after them too. Why not use what we use on our showroom doors and what we use in the factory.

For the cleaning of glass and mirror doors, we recommend the use of an E-Cloth and water for general cleaning, a little bit of liquid soap and warm water for light marks and stubborn marks neat cream cleaner. Please ensure you avoid contact with the frame as damage can occur if not properly cleaned off. Sandblasted and frosted glass and mirror doors are best cleaned with a good quality glass cleaner and clean cloth. Door panels can be treated with normal furniture polish, avoid harsh cleaners as this can damage the finish.

When it comes to looking after the operation of your doors, clean them first as this will allow any lubrication to get to the correct places.

We recommend that you vacuum out the bottom tracks and give them a wipe down with a clean cloth, this can also be done to the top tracks and door fittings too. Once fittings and tracks have been cleaned of any dust or fluff, a light spray of silicone lubricant to the bottom fittings and the top tracks will ensure years of trouble free operation. Please ensure you wipe off any excess.

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